bottle service & vip infoline / table reservation:
+3670 330 8652 I
bottle service & vip infoline / table reservation:
+3670 330 8652 I

About us

Since 2010 ÖTKERT is one of the most popular and hippest club of Budapest with cool people, good music, famous local DJs, concerts and unique programs. Besides that, in this beautifully renovated 19th century building you can find our daytime operating Bistro & Garden, called Republik, which attracts guest for a nice plate of our French touched Hungarian cuisine or just for a cool glass of rosé spritzer with the energy of youth, no matter if it’s before noon or midnight. The bistro’s terrace waiting you daily with live music at summertime, and the club gives the younger and less young party faces the chance to party until sunrise with 5DJs and 2rooms as well.


Júlia Budai +36.30.346.0302. TAKE A LOOK AT OUR COMMENDATORY!


The rules of the entrance to Ötkert:

  • Everyone on the site of the nightclub can enter Thursday and Friday who is over 18 and can prove it without any doubt with a valid and recognizable official identity card. We can not accept scanned and/or photocopied personal documents. On Saturday the age limit is 21+,
  • In case somebody is apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or behave improperly, can not enter the club,
  • If any person who has been admitted to the entry has any dangerous equipment or has been escorted out as a result of his/her behavior, may not be allowed to (re)enter the club,
  • If the staff members consider the entry to be dangerous to the fellow guests, entry may be refused,
  • Entry in each case entitles you to a single entry,
  • Those who behave aggressively with the guests and staff can be removed from the nightclub,
  • Food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are prohibited, Ötkert's personnel are not responsible for their preservation,
  • Dress code and face control work in our club. Ötkert reserves the right to be admitted,
  • The use of cloakroom and safe deposit box to protect the values is highly recommended.

In case of inappropriate clothing, entry may be refused:

  • Any sportswear, sport shoes, sports jersey, headband, headkerchief, sleeveless t-shirt,
  • Satanist, deadheaded, skeletal, metal, anarchist, and any other clothing similar to the ones mentioned previously,
  • Pockets and/or camouflage knee-pants,
  • (Vietnamese) slippers – it can be dangerous on the dance floor due to broken glasses,
  • Large tattoo on the face or neck,
  • Any offensive clothing,
  • Torn, stinky, not proper, worn out clothes,
  • Punk hair and/or punk clothing,
  • The Ötkert staff is entitled to decide about the suitability of the clothing to enter the club and not the guest is in charge about the decision.

Our guests accept the policy rules by entering the Ötkert club.